Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Is It True That PHP Websites Are Not SEO Friendly?


It Companies Almost all the ‘Developers’ & ‘SEO consultants’ area unit of read that bound dynamic technologies don't seem to be in any respect smart for the SEO attributable to that it doesn’t apper within the Search Rankings. As a consequence, PHP language mechanically turns into best internet language. However, the reality isn't identical really you'll style one among the foremost secure websites through PHP, however still it remains jointly of the toughest languages for the online developers, because it is predicated on dynamic websites. it's a awfully time overwhelming method for developers to create instant changes on the websites with desired perfection that doesn’t attractiveness to your program Rankings.


However, if you compare with alternative internet languages, then PHP is one among the best languages overall. Content wise, PHP has one among the high-end security system that creates them SEO friendly web site. If the contents area unit nice enough to capture the mind of the folks, then positively the websites created in PHP language will fall under search ranking with ease. The SEO will solely work if it's some quality contents taking care regarding the keywords and keyword density. one among the foremost reasons why PHP doesn’t fall under search rankings nor fascinating for SEO, is that the ‘URL’ or a ‘path’ that creates the headlines terribly unattractive &long.


This Url isn't quite user or SEO friendly, however still there's associate degree huge scope and has bound solutions to enhance the computer address of your web site created into PHP. terribly less folks area unit aware that there's a custom computer address possibility software package offered in your C-Panel (much like Wordpress) whereby you'll be able to add SEO friendly computer address otherwise you can modify the options of your web site victimisation “mod_rewrite” operate, even the bound htaccess. Files also can facilitate the PHP developers to vary the computer address of their post.

It Companies  attributable to the computer address problems, the PHP websites area unit typically thought to be anti-SEO friendly language. These rumors area unit merely unwarranted, however if you compare with the other internet languages like ASP.Net, the results area unit a lot of or less same even they have to be changed with bound variety of languages. However, the comon grievance is that a number of the online hosting servers doesn’t support this sort of URLs that puts a backstep in SEO world.   

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